Daily Pass Error Code - F6

Please email a copy of your unexpired photo ID and recent proof of address to Ezbuy@cityofchicago.org or bring your documentation in person to a City Clerk location

Acceptable documentation include: 

A current Illinois Driver/s License/State ID; OR, 

• Any government-issued photo ID, such as a U.S. Passport, U.S. Military ID, or Matricula; AND

• Any of these following documents that are current* and include the same name and the updated and complete address:

  • A current mortgage, lease, or property deed;
  • A bill for any of the following utilities or services:
    • Property tax;
    • Water, gas, or electric;
    • Landline phone (cell phone bill not accepted);
    • Satellite or cable television; OR o USPS Change of Address Confirmation. *Documents no more than 6 months old and unexpired IDs are considered current.

If you previously received an Aldermanic Letter of Exception, please contact your Alderman's office for more information <Ward lookup link>.

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