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The Office of the City Clerk determines your make and model by decoding your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), as provided on your State Vehicle Registration. If your record is displaying a generic model, such as "Passenger," please call us at 312-74C-LERK (312-742-5375).


If you no longer own the vehicle listed below and have a different vehicle, please visit an Office of the City Clerk location and present your photo ID, the Sticker from your old car, and your new vehicle registration for a Sticker Transfer.


Visit an Office of the City Clerk location to update your plate. If you received a new License Plate on a vehicle for which you already have a City Sticker, please visit a City Clerk location and provide your updated plate registration. There is no additional cost to update your plate number. If your City Sticker is due to expire within two months or less, you must purchase your renewal sticker with the updated plate number.

To update the plate number on your renewal record before purchasing online, please email a copy of your photo ID and updated State Vehicle Registration ID Card to, and indicate in the subject and body of the email that you require a "Renewal Plate Update."

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