Vehicle Sticker Options Late Fee

The late fee is $60 ($30 for Senior-discounted Stickers) and will be applicable to every sale after the end of the grace period. The duration of your grace period depends on your situation. 

First-time City Vehicle Sticker Purchase for this Resident/Vehicle 

Customers have a 30-day purchasing grace period from their vehicle purchase/move-in date. If you are a new resident or have a new vehicle and are attempting to purchase within your 30-day grace period, please email your vehicle documentation to us at or provide it in person

Renewal City Vehicle Sticker

Renewal City Vehicle Stickers have a 15-day grace period; e.g. if a customer's sticker expires April 30, they will not be subject to the late fee or tickets until after May 15. 

Beginning July 1, 2016, the grace period for late fees will be 30 days, but there will no longer be a grace period for tickets. Hence, a vehicle with an expired City Vehicle Sticker may receive a ticket the 1st day the sticker expires, but they will have 30 days to purchase a sticker without getting a late fee penalty.

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