Fines, Fees & Access Collaborative Wants To Hear From You

The Fines, Fees & Access Collaborative was formed by City Clerk Anna M. Valencia to create a comprehensive review of the City’s fines, fees and collection practices. The Collaborative which is made up of community leaders, advocates, community based organizations, academics, Aldermen and city departments will look at problems and potential solutions to the existing system and how we can advance reforms that work for Chicagoans and our City government.  
Over the next several months, we will look at a range of policies from how payment plans are structured to ticketing practices and the process of enforcement of violations, among others.
At the Office of the City Clerk, we believe that the best policy is made with the people who are most impacted by it. That’s why we want to hear from you.
Please use the form below to share your experience, feedback or ideas. We look forward to working with you to create policies that work for the financial future of our residents, our communities, and our City.

**Any information or feedback that you provide to the Office of the City Clerk with regards to the Fines, Fees & Access Collaborative is subject to disclosure to the public. Therefore, providing any personal information, like name, email, or telephone number, is optional.