Clerk Mendoza directs new vehicle sticker revenue to expand City-funded youth mentoring programs

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Office of Chicago City Clerk Susana A. Mendoza is delivering $15 million in funding for youth mentorship programs championed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel as part of his citywide anti-violence initiative.

Mendoza said every Chicagoan has a responsibility when it comes to ending violence.

“Last month, Mayor Emanuel called on us to help meet the greatest challenge facing our City and we answered that call. Together, we’re going to pave a positive path for young men and women. This sizable investment in human capital is going to change the lives of thousands of students and our contribution was made possible because our Office is producing for Chicago better than ever before,” Mendoza said.

Mayor Emanuel said Clerk Mendoza is a supportive partner in this effort.

“I want to thank the Clerk for her partnership in this critical investment in youth mentoring that has the power to turn young people’s lives around,” said Mayor Emanuel.  “Clerk Mendoza's ability to run government smarter, better and more efficiently is paying off for the children of Chicago."

This additional revenue will help support Mayor Emanuel’s effort to provide quality mentoring programs to more than 7,000 young men in the 20 Chicago neighborhoods with the highest homicide rates.

On Monday, the City announced the first results of this initiative: The immediate expansion of the Becoming a Man program by 1,300, bringing the total served by the program to more than 4,000 students this fall. The total program cost is estimated at $36 million over the next three years.

Annual revenues from the sale of Chicago City Vehicle Stickers are expected to reach an all-time high in 2016 thanks to better targeting of scofflaws, increased compliance with the Wheel Tax and the modernization of the Office of the City Clerk. Boosted by an increase in sales volume, vehicle sticker revenues could reach $140 million in 2016, up from just $100 million in 2011.

Mendoza said a shift to a year-round vehicle sticker sales program, innovative policies and the application of new technology led to a sustained increase in revenue.

“Five years ago we set out to overhaul the Office of the Clerk and that work is paying off. Our success in the form of new revenue is the result of smart policies and efficient program management, not fee increases that nickel and dime motorists. The best part is that all Chicagoans will benefit by delivering resources that invest in and improve the lives of our City’s young people,” Mendoza said.


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