Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the CityKey?
Originally called the Municipal ID card, the CityKey is an optional, valid, government-issued photo identification card for all Chicago residents regardless of a resident’s housing status, criminal record, immigration status or gender identity.
The CityKey will serve as a three-in-one card that will not only be a valid, government-issued ID card, but also serve as your library and Ventra cards. Additional benefits with partnering cultural institutions, local businesses and sports teams will be announced over the next several months.  
Who can apply for a CityKey?
The CityKey is available to all Chicago residents who meet the identity and residency requirements. The card is available to Chicagoans regardless of age, income, gender identity, housing or immigration status.
Where can I apply for a CityKey?
The goal of the CityKey program is to make the CityKey accessible to all of our city’s residents across all 77 communities. We will house a permanent on-site printer at City Hall, and we will host pop-up enrollment sites where we can meet residents in their communities.
Can children get a CityKey?
Children aged 13 years and younger will be able to obtain a CityKey Kids ID where they can have an emergency contact listed on the back of the card. There are specific documents that are acceptable for children, who likely do not have an official document with a photograph. 
Why is it called the CityKey?
The card represents each resident’s key to the city, unblocking opportunities and benefits for all Chicagoans. For many residents, having an ID can mean access to basic services and a better life, while for others it can unlock cultural opportunities or being able to experience all of the great things the City of Chicago has to offer. 
Why do I need a CityKey?
In addition to being an ID card that will be accepted by City departments, the CityKey is also a “three-in-one card: a valid, government-issued ID, a library card, and Ventra card. Cardholders will also be able to access prescription discount benefit. We are also working to provide additional benefits and discounts with local businesses, cultural institutions and sports teams to further enhance the CityKey.
How much does a CityKey cost?
The first 100,000 cards will be free. After we have issued 100,000 cards, we will charge a small fee of $5 for minors (under 18) and $10 for adults ages 18-64. The ID cards will be free of cost to Seniors age 65 and older. 
We do not, however, want price to be a barrier for Program participation. Thus, fee waivers will be available to low-income residents, individuals experiencing homelessness, domestic violence survivors, members of the re-entry community, Veterans, and One Summer Chicago participants with required documentation.
I lost my CityKey. What should I do?
Immediately call the City of Chicago Clerk’s office to notify them of a lost card. Using the CityKey ID number, the office will deactivate your card.