Application Materials

Application Materials

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CityKey Document Guides

Learn more about and review the documents you need to apply for a Chicago CityKey. 

CityKey Application

Ready to apply for your CityKey? Fill it out the CityKey application form (located below) nd bring the application form along with your documents to our next CityKey event.


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Delegate Agency Form

If you need help applying for a Chicago CityKey, please visit one of the CityKey Delegate Agencies. They are here to help you understand the CityKey Program, go over the eligibility requirements, and help you put your application together. To download the Delegate Agency Form, click here.  

CityKey Care of Letter

If you are a nonprofit or government agency that needs to help an individual prove their residency, please fill out the CityKey Care of Letter.

Caretaker Attestation Form 

If you are between the ages of 14 to 21 and do not have documentation to prove your residency in the City of Chicago use this form with an eligible caretaker. The caretaker can attest for your residency if they meet the Proof of Identity, Proof of Residency, and can verify a legal relationship.  To download the Caretaker Attestation Form, click here

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Appeals Form 

If your CityKey Application was denied during your appointment, use this Form to have someone from the Office of the City Clerk to review your case. To download the Appeals Form, click here.  

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Looking to Host a CityKey event?

CityKey Mobile Site Request Form

Looking to host a CityKey mobile site at your organization or in your neighborhood? Fill out the Mobile Site Form and email it to

CityKey Aldermanic Request Form


If your Aldermanic office is interested in hosting a CityKey mobile site, fill out the CityKey Aldermanic Request Form and submit it to

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Download the CityKey Guide (in English and Spanish)

Learn all about your CityKey ID with this introductory guide. To download the guide, click here.

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