Municipal Code

Chicago Municipal Code HandbookThe Municipal Code is a published compilation of City laws and their revisions organized according to subject matter (arranged by title, chapter and section). The Municipal Code is updated periodically as new ordinances are adopted by the City Council.

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Municipal Code Highlights

Chapter 2-154 Disclosure of Ownership Interest in Entities
Chapter 2-156 Governmental Ethics
Chapter 2-160 Human Rights
Section 2-156-425 et seq. Campaign Financing
Chapter 2-168 Chicago Fair Labor Practices
Chapter 3-56 Wheel Tax Licenses (City Vehicle Stickers)
Section 4-6-230 Booting of Motor Vehicles on Private Property
Chapter 4-244 Peddlers
Chapter 5-8 Chicago Fair Housing Regulations
Chapter 5-12 Residential Landlords and Tenants (Most Requested) (See "For Renters" drop down)
Chapter 7-32 Clean Indoor Air Ordinance
Chapter 7-12 Animal Care and Control
Chapter 9-92 Impounding of Vehicles
Chapter 10-28 Structures On and Under Public Way
Chapter 14-4 Building Permits