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Meeting Notices

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Next City Council Meeting

Regular Meeting

Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Time: 10:00 a.m. 

Location: City Hall -- Council Chamber -- Chicago, Illinois


Supplemental to Agenda

Council Highlights

2024 City of Chicago Budget

2024 Budget


COVID-19 Notification

Repeal of Various Covid-19 Public Health Orders and Ordinances 

Mayoral Executive Orders

  • Executive Order 2023-15 (Youth Employment)
  • Executive Order 2023-16 (Immigrant, Migrant, and Refugee Rights)
  • Executive Order 2023-17 (Community Safety)
  • Executive Order 2023-18 (Labor Relations)
  • Executive Order 2023-19 (Budget Forecast)
  • Executive Order 2023-20 (Chief Homelessness Officer)
  • Executive Order 2023-21 (Streamlining City Development Processes)

Click here to view additional Mayoral Executive Orders

Public Comment Process

Click here to view the City Council and Committee Meeting Public Comment Process(NOTE: Contains new process for meetings conducted by Videoconference & limited in-person participation)

Rule 41 Notices

Notice from Alderperson Moore pursuant to Rule 41 of intent to call for a vote at the May 22, 2024 City Council meeting order SOr2024-0007759 regarding a call for Mayor Johnson to remedy by Ward choice whether to remove Sound Thinking/Shotspotter surveillance technology with other assurances and advance notifications to affected Ward Council members choosing to retain such technology. 

Notice from Alderperson Dowell pursuant to Rule 41 of intent to call for a vote at the May 22, 2024 City Council meeting order Or2024-0008761 regarding a settlement agreement in the case of Bryan Mejia v. City of Chicago, cited as 2021 L 004753 (Cir. Ct. of Cook County).

Notice from Alderperson Villegas pursuant to Rule 41 of intent to call for a vote at the May 22, 2024 City Council meeting order A2024-0008353 regarding the appointment of Nick Lucius as Chief Information Officer.

Notice from Alderperson Beale of intent to Discharge from Committee and call for vote at May 22, 2024 City Council meeting ordinance O2023-0004977 amending Municipal Code Chapter 2-8 regarding committee oversight power and Office of Legislative Counsel and resolution R2023-0004976 amending Council Rules of Order regarding Office of Legislative Counsel.


Implementation of the public seating policy dated 12/7/2023 is postponed until further notice.