House Share Active Notices

The Office of the City Clerk posts Notices of Intent for active petitions. The Notice Posting Date begins the 90-day period during which a Petitioner may collect signatures.  
Due to COVID-19, we will be allowing notices of intent to restrict house share to be filed electronically Please email the notice of intent and a copy of your ID.


Posting Date Ward Precinct Petitioner Download
23 6 Arlene White Download (128.51 KB)
23 2 Roselia Velasco Download (136.25 KB)
13 21 Robert Swiderski Download (103.71 KB)
23 5 Juanita Banda Download (138.01 KB)
23 8 Claudia Sanjuanero Download (140.86 KB)
23 7 Thomas Lally Download (1.24 MB)
23 3 James F. Cacciottolo Download (1.4 MB)
23 1 Rosaura Bocanegra Download (1.34 MB)