CityKey FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the CityKey?

The CityKey is an optional, valid, government-issued photo identification card available to all Chicago residents regardless of a resident's age, housing status, criminal record, immigration status, or gender identity.

The CityKey serves as a four-in-one card by serving as a valid, government-issued ID card, a Chicago Public Library card, a Ventra card and a pharmaceutical discount card. Additionally, CityKey provides cardholders with discounts to participating museums, theaters, sporting events, restaurants, retail stores and businesses across Chicago.

As part of the CityKey program, CityKey cardholders can access a prescription discount through a pharmacy benefit management program called the Chicago Rx Card. The Chicago Rx Card will provide discounts on generic and name-brand medications and is a free and easy way to save up to 80% on prescription drugs. It also provides discounts on dental, vision, veterinarian, lab, and diabetes supplies/equipment. 

How much does the CityKey ID cost?

The CityKey ID is free for all of Chicago's residents. We do not charge to schedule an appointment for CityKey printing events.

Who can apply for a CityKey?

The CityKey is available to all Chicago residents who meet the identity and residency requirements. To learn more about what documents applicants can use as proof of identity and residency, view the CityKey Document Guide.

Where can I apply for a CityKey?

The CityKey program aims to make the CityKey accessible to all of our city's residents across all of our communities. Chicagoans can obtain their CityKey ID through our CityKey events. We launched the online appointment system as phase one of our ongoing efforts to meet the high demand for the program. To apply for a CityKey, schedule an appointment using our new online appointment system,

How can I renew my CityKey?

If your CityKey is expired or will expire soon, please bring your card to a CityKey event by scheduling an appointment using our new CityKey appointment system. If you do not need to update any information on your card, all you need to bring is your expired CityKey. If you need to update any information on your CityKey (address, name change, etc.), you must bring the proper documentation with you.

A list of required documentation can be found in the CityKey Document Guide.

What is the Chicago Rx Card? I already have a CityKey, do I need to get another card?

The Chicago Rx Card provides discounts on generic and name-brand medications. When residents receive a CityKey, a free Chicago Rx Card number is printed directly onto the back of the card. If you do not have a CityKey card, you can still get one by either printing the Chicago Rx card, receiving it via text or having it emailed to your phone. Chicago Public Library branches will have Chicago Rx cards, and participating Alderpersons will also have them in their offices where residents can pick them up.

The Chicago RX Card will be accepted at all major chain pharmacies in addition to many independent ones. Over 60,000 drugs are included as part of the program, with savings of up to 80% on both name-brand and generic prescriptions. One card can be used for dependents for an entire family and is suitable for pet prescriptions as well when they are filled at a pharmacy.

No registration or pre-qualification is needed, and every Chicagoan is eligible regardless of age, insurance, income, health, or immigration status. There are no limits on usage or an expiration date. Please note that the Chicago Rx Card is not insurance and is not intended to replace insurance. 

CityKey Events

Why are there CityKey appointment-only events?

The new online appointment system was launched to remove uncertainty and allow you to reserve a time slot at a CityKey event. 

CityKey Appointment System

What is the CityKey Appointment System?

The CityKey online appointment system is a digital platform that allows applicants to view the CityKey calendar and cancel or schedule an appointment for upcoming CityKey events. Applicants must use the online appointment system to schedule appointments and can schedule up to four applicants. A confirmation code will be provided when an appointment is booked, and applicants must present it at the time of the appointment to enter the event and apply for a CityKey.

How do I schedule an appointment for a CityKey event?

Applicants need an email address to schedule an appointment using the CityKey online appointment system. You can search for upcoming events based on location or time and can add up to four applicants. The system autogenerates a confirmation code, which will be emailed to the applicant at the time of the booking. The confirmation code must be presented at the time of the appointment; applicants will not be seen without a confirmation code. No one will be seen without an appointment. 

What if I need help accessing the online appointment system?

You can visit some of our Chicago Public Libraries where CyberNavigators technology tutors are available to assist. To view a full list of where to find a CyberNavigator, visit the Chicago Public Library website.

Can I share or transfer my confirmation code to another applicant?

No, confirmation codes cannot be shared or transferred between applicants and are only valid on the date and time of the scheduled CityKey event. It is the applicant's responsibility to bring their own confirmation code and bring it with them to their appointment.

Is it free to schedule an appointment for a CityKey event?

Yes, scheduling an appointment is absolutely free. You can make an appointment for an upcoming event by visiting the online appointment system. Beware if anyone charges you to create an appointment for CityKey events; you are being scammed.

There are no more appointments, will additional appointments be added?

Yes, the Office of the City Clerk will continue to update the appointment system with new appointments weekly. Please continue to check our website for new updates.

I can’t locate my confirmation code, who can I contact for assistance?

Applicants must bring the confirmation code provided to them when scheduling their appointment. You can contact the CityKey team before the event date at

Can I still go to my appointment if I am running late?

Applicants who arrive late to their appointment must schedule another appointment at a future event.

I missed my appointment. Can I make another appointment?

Any applicant who misses their scheduled time slot will forfeit their appointment. If you are still interested in applying for a CityKey ID, the applicant may book another appointment for an upcoming event.

What happens if someone visits an appointment-only event without an appointment?

All applicants must have an appointment; no one will be admitted into the event space without an appointment. 

CityKey for Children

Can children get a CityKey?

Children under the age of 14 can obtain a CityKey Kids ID, where they can have an emergency contact listed on the back of the card. Additional documents are acceptable for children, who may not have documentation containing a photograph or a proof of residency in their name. A list of required documentation for children can be found in the CityKey Document Guide for Kids.

CityKey applicants between the ages of 14 and 21 who lack proof of residency documents can apply with an eligible caretaker. The caretaker can fill out a Caretaker Attestation Form stating that the applicant resides with them. View the CityKey Caretaker Attestation Form.

Can I make an appointment for my child using the online appointment system?

Yes, applicants will be allowed to make appointments for their children. An applicant can schedule up to four individuals per email address. All applicants need an appointment and will not be seen without a confirmation code for appointment-only events.

Replace or Update CityKey

I lost my CityKey. What should I do, and how do I replace it?

If your CityKey has been lost or stolen, you must report it to the Office of the City Clerk within 10 days. When filing this report, you will need to provide the CityKey number. Using the CityKey number, the Office of the City Clerk will deactivate your existing CityKey.

If you want to replace your CityKey, you must schedule an appointment to a CityKey printing event. You must also meet the same Proof of Identity and Proof of Residency requirements, just as you did when you first applied. When you reapply, you may provide your original CityKey number so that the new CityKey can be issued under the same number. 

What should I do if I need to update my CityKey?

If you want to update any information on your CityKey, such as your name, address or any of the optional information, you must reapply by scheduling an appointment to a CityKey event. Although the CityKey is worth all 3 required points of identity and is a valid proof of residency, depending on the nature of the change, you may need to present additional documentation, such as a court order or marriage certificate indicating a legal name change.

Contact Us

How do I contact the CityKey team?

The CityKey team can be reached at If you still have more questions, you can also reach us at 773-CITYKEY (773-248-9539).

Security and More

Tell me more about the security of the CityKey. 

Only a record of your email address will be kept and used to provide you with appointment details.

Protecting people's information is our number one priority. We worked closely with community advocates, data security professionals, and the City's technology department to create a program that is safe and secure.

What if I don’t have internet access? 

You can visit some of the Chicago Public Libraries that offer computer assistance through their CyberNavigator program. Visit the Chicago Public Library's website to view a list of participating locations.

I don't have an email address, where can I get a free email?

An email is required to schedule an appointment on the CityKey Appointment System. Below are some free email account providers: