About the CityKey

The Chicago CityKey is an optional, valid, government-issued ID card offered to all Chicago residents that will unlock many of the great things our City has to offer. For more detailed information, view the City of Chicago ID Administrative Rules

In 2015, a task force was launched to bring together City officials and community groups to develop a program that looked at the barriers that many Chicagoans faced when trying to obtain government-issued ID. In October 2016, the Chicago City Council allocated $1 million to create a Chicago Municipal ID, a government-issued ID for City residents, and in April 2017, the City Council overwhelmingly passed an ordinance (O2017-1950) to give authority to the Office of the City Clerk to administer and implement the program, now known as the Chicago CityKey Program.  

While originally created to reduce barriers to those who have difficulty accessing government-issued identification, the Program’s goals have since grown to include discounts and other benefits for all of Chicago’s 2.7 million residents. This means that not only will the Chicago CityKey give Chicagoans the dignity and peace of mind that comes along with having a government-issued ID but it will also have the ability to serve as your key to Chicago: serving as your library card, transit card and benefits card for cultural institutions, sports teams and local businesses. 

The Chicago RX Card is now available as a part of the program. The Chicago Rx Card will provide discounts on generic and name brand medications, as well as medical equipment and veterinary prescriptions and will be accepted at all major chain pharmacies in addition to many independent pharmacies. Over 60,000 drugs are included as part of the program with savings of up to 80% on both name brand and generic prescriptions.

No registration or pre-qualification is needed, and every Chicagoan is eligible regardless of age, insurance, income, health, or immigration status.
Every Chicagoan wants to unlock the potential of themselves and their City. The Chicago CityKey is about connecting all Chicagoans physically and figuratively to our City and each other, whether it’s unlocking new cultural opportunities or the key to getting a job. It is the key, the connection and the catalyst that unlocks the potential of our great City and all those that call it home.
CityKey Guide

Learn all about your CityKey ID by downloading the bilingual CityKey Guide (English and Spanish).


If you have any questions, please send your name, email address and message to citykey@cityofchicago.org.

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