Electronic Legislative Management System (eLMS)

Thank you for visiting the Office of the City Clerk's Electronic Legislative Management System (eLMS)

The Electronic Legislation Management System replaces our previously known system, Legistar. The Electronic Legislation Management System has a modern look and feel designed to provide optimal ways to access City legislation, Committee and City Council meetings and City Council Members and Bodies.  

The Electronic Legislation Management System provides online access to Chicago City Council records between December 1, 2010, and present. Our office will post/share information as it becomes available from various sources. 

The Electronic Legislation Management System will allow you to search for and browse:


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Frequently Asked Questions

General System 

How do I log in or create an account in the Electronic Legislative Management System?

While on any page of the new system, select the SIGN-IN Option, which takes you to the Sign-In and Registration Page. From there, complete the required information. Upon registration, a notification will be sent to your email.

Please visit your profile to manage your profile information, including password changes.

How do I reset my account password?

You can reset your account password in two ways.

1. Sign into your account and visit your profile page to update your password.

2. If you forgot your password, simply visit the SIGN-UP /Register page and select the FORGOT password option and complete the required steps.

How often will I receive Alerts?

Once you set up Alerts, you can specify the frequency, Daily, Weekly or Monthly. You also can set expiration dates on your Alerts. PLEASE NOTE: When setting up an Alert for Legislation, the exact Record ID/Number is required.

How often is the system updated?

Our office updates information on a continuous basis, the system however, will update publicly on a 15-minute cycle. 

Search Capabilities

What types of information can I find when searching for legislation?

The Electronic Legislative Management System allows you to search anything including Record #, Title, Controlling Body, Type, Status, Filing Sponsor, Filing Office, or Sub Status". Any of these can be placed in the Matter Keyword search box. Please use the HELP Option for general search navigation tips. 

Can I download records?

Yes, the system allows you to download up to 5000 records. Records will be downloaded into a CSV file when the option is chosen.

Why is my search returning so many results when using the key word search area?

The keyword search will find all legislation that will have that work or number. If you also include the SEARCH WITHIN ATTACHMENT, you results will also grow as the system is looking for that word or number in all documents as well.

Can't find what I'm looking for?

When attempting to search, try using the record ID if available, if not, the filters will help you narrow your search. If you have a record ID, you can place the record # in the matter search field or the record ID Field. The record # Field requires an exact match (such as "LETTERNUMBER-NUMBER).

You can also use the following:

  • In the Matter Search Keywords, you can use the quotation symbol ("") and the beginning and end of your keyword search to retrieve legislation. This will retrieve anything with this particular information. 
  • In the Matter Search Keywords, you can also use (*) symbol to retrieve legislation. This will retrieve anything with this particular information.
  • Use the "Search Within Attachments" option to narrow your search. 
  • It is important to note that while you are searching for an Ordinance (O) the legislation might be a substitution (SO). Try replacing the beginning of your record #.


Other Areas in Electronic Legislation Management System

What Information for Meetings can I find?

In the Meetings section of eLMS, you will find two views the Meetings List View and the Calendar View. Both tabs display historical and upcoming committee and council meetings and include meeting details and documentation, attendance information, votes for Council Meetings and any other pertinent documents. In addition, meeting videos are also available if recorded.

You also have the ability to add meetings to your calendar by selecting the meeting calendar icon on the Meeting List view. 

Can I add Meetings to my personal calendar?

You have the ability to add meetings to your calendar by selecting the meeting calendar icon on the Meeting List view to begin the process. 

Is language accessibility available on the Electronic Management System?

Yes, you can translate into various languages by selecting the translation option on each page in the right-hand corner. 

Do the videos offer closed captioning?

Yes, you can select this option once you launch the video, please use the icon option at the bottom of the video. 

We continue to make improvements to the Electronic Legislative Management System. If you require support, please contact clerklmssupport@cityofchicago.org.

For general questions about the Office of the Chicago City Clerk, please contact the main City Hall Office at (312) 744-8590. For questions about legislation or the Clerk's online Legislative Information Center, please contact the City Clerk's Council Division at (312) 744-6870.