Executive Orders

Executive orders are official directives or commands from the Mayor to agencies in the executive branch. These orders generally concern the implementation or enforcement of rules, policies and procedures which have the force of law.

Executive Order Mayor Description Date Signed Download
2021-2 Lori E. Lightfoot Procurement Equity and Transparency Download(232.78 KB)
2021-1 Lori E. Lightfoot Access to Information Regarding Alleged Police Misconduct Download(2.69 MB)
2020-2 Lori E. Lightfoot Equal Access to City Benefits and Services Download(88.78 KB)
2020-1 Lori E. Lightfoot Emergency Operations Related to COVID-19 Outbreak Download(117.18 KB)
2019-3 Lori E. Lightfoot Budget Forecast and Financial Analysis Download(145.25 KB)
2019-2 Lori E. Lightfoot Reform to Aldermanic Prerogative Download(149.75 KB)
2019-1 Rahm Emanuel Establishment of Chicago River Ecology and Governance Group Download(2.68 MB)
2018-3 Rahm Emanuel Developer Requirements Concerning Redevelopment Agreements Involving Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Funds Download(104.06 KB)
2018-2 Rahm Emanuel Submission Date of 2019 Executive Budget Download(529.68 KB)
2018-1 Rahm Emanuel Reaffirmation of Commitment to Gender Pay Equality Download(1.26 MB)
2017-3 Rahm Emanuel Submission Date of 2018 Executive Budget Download(586.15 KB)
2017-2 Rahm Emanuel Regarding Enhancement of Economic Growth, Opportunity, and Prosperity of Local Residents and Minority and Women-Owned Business (M/WBEs) Enterprises Download(2.24 MB)
2017-1 Rahm Emanuel Declaration of Support of Paris Agreement Under United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the City of Chicago’s Commitment to Reducing Citywide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Download(149.38 KB)
2014-1 Rahm Emanuel Minimum Wage Increase Download(3.5 MB)
2013-3 Rahm Emanuel Declaration of TIF surplus funds in TIF eligible areas Download(100.09 KB)
2013-2 Rahm Emanuel Rainy Day Fund Download(71.74 KB)
2013-1 Rahm Emanuel Executive Budget and Revenue Analysis Download(57.64 KB)
2012-2 Rahm Emanuel Open Data Policy Download(329.58 KB)
2012-1 Rahm Emanuel Independent Financial Evaluation and Annual Assessment of Chicago Infrastructure Trust Download(132.94 KB)
2011-8 Rahm Emanuel Tribute to Margaret "Maggie" Corbett Daley Download(46.7 KB)
2011-7 Rahm Emanuel City of Chicago Long-Term Budget and Finance Analysis Download(42.94 KB)
2011-6 Rahm Emanuel Fair Hiring Practices and Procedures Download(46.08 KB)
2011-5 Rahm Emanuel Duty to Report Wrongdoing Download(28.75 KB)
2011-4 Rahm Emanuel Political Contributions by City Contractors Download(47.83 KB)
2011-3 Rahm Emanuel Contributions and Gifts to City Employees Download(46 KB)