Executive Orders

Executive orders are official directives or commands from the Mayor to agencies in the executive branch. These orders generally concern the implementation or enforcement of rules, policies and procedures which have the force of law.

Executive Order Mayor Description Date Signed Download
2012-1 Rahm Emanuel Independent Financial Evaluation and Annual Assessment of Chicago Infrastructure Trust Download(132.94 KB)
2011-8 Rahm Emanuel Tribute to Margaret "Maggie" Corbett Daley Download(46.7 KB)
2011-7 Rahm Emanuel City of Chicago Long-Term Budget and Finance Analysis Download(42.94 KB)
2011-5 Rahm Emanuel Duty to Report Wrongdoing Download(28.75 KB)
2011-4 Rahm Emanuel Political Contributions by City Contractors Download(47.83 KB)
2011-3 Rahm Emanuel Contributions and Gifts to City Employees Download(46 KB)
2011-2 Rahm Emanuel Political Contributions to Mayor by Lobbyists Download(31.74 KB)
2011-1 Rahm Emanuel Lobbying by Previous City Employees Download(43.5 KB)
2011-6 Rahm Emanuel Fair Hiring Practices and Procedures Download(46.08 KB)
2010-1 Richard M. Daley September 30, 2010 Deadline for Public Hearings on 2011 Preliminary Budget Estimate Report Download(635.23 KB)
2009-3 Richard M. Daley Pertaining to City of Chicago Hiring, Promotion and Other Employment Decisions Download(124.24 KB)
2009-2 Richard M. Daley Submission Date of 2010 Executive Budget and Estimated Revenue Analysis Download(855.29 KB)
2009-1 Richard M. Daley 2016 Olympic and Paralympics Brand Protection Initiatives Download(165.54 KB)
2008-2 Richard M. Daley Establishes Nov. 28 and Dec. 24 of 2008 and Jan. 2, Nov. 27, Dec. 24 and Dec. 31 of 2009 as Reduced City Service Days. Employees specified in Paragraph G(12)(a) in the employee classification plan are subject to these mandatory furlough days. Download(992.86 KB)
2008-1 Richard M. Daley Submission Date of 2009 Executive Budget and Estimated Revenue Analysis Download(25.32 KB)
2007-1 Richard M. Daley Continuation of Mandatory Cooperation With Special Hiring Monitor Download(2.41 MB)
2005-4 Richard M. Daley Submission Date of 2006 Executive Budget and Estimated Revenue Analysis Download(32.29 KB)
2005-3 Richard M. Daley Clarifies and Builds Upon a Letter the Mayor Sent to All City Department Heads on Aug 16, 2005, Emphasizing the Importance and Seriousness of the Duty of City Employees to Support and Cooperate with the Special Monitor Without Fear of Retaliation. Download(1.04 MB)
2005-2 Richard M. Daley Mandatory Cooperation with and Report of Misconduct to Inspector General Download(91.27 KB)
2005-1 Richard M. Daley Contributions to City Officials by Contractors Download(91.27 KB)
2004-1 Richard M. Daley Submission Date of 2005 Executive Budget and Estimated Revenue Analysis Download(64.12 KB)
2002-4 Richard M. Daley Property Tax Fairness Board Download(33.48 KB)
2002-3 Richard M. Daley Establishes Citywide Task Force on Employment of People With Disabilities Download(184.49 KB)
2002-2 Richard M. Daley Submission Date of 2003 Executive Budget and Estimated Revenue Analysis Download(64.35 KB)
2002-1 Richard M. Daley Detailed Hiring Provisions Download(93.73 KB)