Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

FOIA Contact
Address:Office of the Chicago City Clerk
City Hall
121 North LaSalle Street
Room 107
Chicago, IL 60602
To File a Claim Online:Chicago Public Records (
City Clerk’s office FOIA form:Download PDF

Conduct Your Own Online Research

Ordinances, resolutions, and other legislative documents dating back to 1981 are available in the online versions of the Journals of the Proceedings. Additionally, City Council Committee Meeting notices, agendas, and final summaries are posted here.

To the extent that the City Clerk’s Office maintains or possesses any information regarding the items described in your request, it is available on the City Clerk’s website as mentioned above. The availability of this information on the Clerk’s website satisfies the public disclosure requirements of FOIA. Legislation after December 2010 can easily be searched in the Legislative Information Center, where you can also find Committee notices, summaries, and Council meeting videos.

Requesting Information From Other City Departments

We can only respond to FOIA requests pertaining to the Office of the City Clerk. Our office is responsible for: City Council legislation, ordinances, and journals; Data regarding dog registrations in the City; Data regarding Chicago City Vehicle Stickers; Aldermanic staff personnel files; Information regarding House Share Restrictions and Cannabis Restrictions

» View a list of City Departments and their FOIA officers.

Please Note That All FOIA Requests Are Posted Online

FOIA requests are public information, and when you submit a FOIA request, your name and information about the request will be made available on the City’s website.

To be redirected to the Office of the City Clerk’s FOIA log at City of Chicago’s Data Portal, please visit the City of Chicago’s FOIA Request page.