2023 Chicago City Budget

The 2023 Chicago City Budget

Mayoral Budget Address

Budget Documents

  • 2023 Budget Overview (O2022-3024)
  • 2023 Budget Recommendations (O2022-3025)
  • 2023 Revenue Ordinance (SO2022-3581)
  • 2023 Management Ordinance (SO2022-3580)
  • 2023 Municipal Code Corrections Ordinance (O2022-3468)
  • 2023 Property Tax Levy (O2022-3467)
  • Expenditure of portion of Motor Fuel Tax funds allocated to City of Chicago for Year 2023 (O2022-3466)
  • Intergovernmental Agreement with Chicago Transit Authority and Cook County regarding matching grants pursuant to Regional Transportation Authority Act (O2022-3465)
  • Issuance of general obligation bonds for New Money Purposes, Second Lien Water Revenue WIFIA Project Bonds, Series 2022, increase in borrowing authorization of O'Hare Commercial Paper and O'Hare Line of Credit programs, establishment of Midway Line of Credit program, and amendment of various bond ordinances (O2022-3593)
  • 2023 Annual Appropriation Ordinance, as Amended (O2022-3025v1)


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