2024 Chicago City Budget

The 2024 Chicago City Budget

Mayoral Budget Address

2024 Budget Address delivered by Mayor Brandon Johnson

Budget Documents

  • 2024 Annual Appropriation as Adopted November 15, 2023 (SO2023-0005140)
  • 2024 Budget Recommendations (O2023-0005140)
  • 2024 Revenue Ordinance (O2023-0005293)
  • 2024 Management Ordinance (O2023-0005294)
  • 2024 Municipal Code Corrections Ordinance (O2023-0005292)
  • 2024 Property Tax Levy (O2023-0005291)
  • Expenditure of portion of Motor Fuel Tax funds allocated to City of Chicago for Year 2024 (R2023-0005296)
  • Intergovernmental agreements with Chicago Transit Authority and Cook County for allocation of Motor Fuel Tax funds (O2023-0005297)
  • Corrections and revisions to 2024 Budget Recommendations and text portion of Annual Appropriation Ordinance (O2023-0005837)
  • Amendment of Regulations Governing Administration of Classification Plan and Employee Benefits for Classified Positions set forth in Annual Appropriation Ordinance (Salary Resolution) regarding salary schedules, automobile allowance, holidays, vacations and sick leave (SR2023-0005299)


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For additional information, please visit the Office of Budget & Management and Committee on the Budget and Government Operations.