Executive Orders

Executive orders are official directives or commands from the Mayor to agencies in the executive branch. These orders generally concern the implementation or enforcement of rules, policies and procedures which have the force of law.

Executive Order Mayor Description Date Signed Download
2023-19 Brandon Johnson Budget Forecast Download(2.24 MB)
2023-18 Brandon Johnson Labor Relations Download(126.31 KB)
2023-17 Brandon Johnson Community Safety Download(117.86 KB)
2023-16 Brandon Johnson Immigrant, Migrant, and Refugee Rights Download(169.91 KB)
2023-15 Brandon Johnson Youth Employment Download(155.47 KB)
2023-9 Lori E. Lightfoot Youth Commission Download(1.23 MB)
2023-8 Lori E. Lightfoot U Visa and T Visa Certifications Download(1.58 MB)
2023-7 Lori E. Lightfoot Mayor’s Office of New Americans Download(1.7 MB)
2023-6 Lori E. Lightfoot We Will Chicago Download(2.68 MB)
2023-5 Lori E. Lightfoot Pension Advance Fund Download(1.75 MB)
2023-4 Lori E. Lightfoot Continuation of Clear Path Relief Debt Programs Download(1.73 MB)
2023-14 Lori E. Lightfoot Procurement and Payment for Contracted Vendors And Development Project Download(6.42 MB)
2023-13 Lori E. Lightfoot LaSalle Initiative Download(2.66 MB)
2023-12 Lori E. Lightfoot Strategic Plan for Equity in Delegate Grantmaking Download(2.56 MB)
2023-11 Lori E. Lightfoot Zoning Requirements in We Will Chicago Plan Download(1.38 MB)
2023-10 Lori E. Lightfoot SOP for Compliance with Sec. 2-4-100 of Municipal Code Download(1.75 MB)
2023-3 Lori E. Lightfoot Environmental Justice and Equity Download(344.63 KB)
2023-2 Lori E. Lightfoot Declaration of State of Emergency as Result of Migrant Inflow Download(98.93 KB)
2023-1 Lori E. Lightfoot Pay Equity Audit Regarding City Employees Download(1.31 MB)
2022-4 Lori E. Lightfoot Community Media Advertising Download(1.57 MB)
2022-3 Lori E. Lightfoot Chicago as Safe Haven for Reproductive Rights Download(131.86 KB)
2022-2 Lori E. Lightfoot Increased Enforcement of Municipal Code Section 8-16-020 (Curfew Hours for Minors) Download(1.63 MB)
2022-1 Lori E. Lightfoot Establishment of Food Equity Council Download(191.54 KB)
2021-4 Lori E. Lightfoot Emergency Procurement Authority Download(80.95 KB)
2021-3 Lori E. Lightfoot Establishment of Interagency Reentry Council Download(174.06 KB)