Executive Orders

Executive orders are official directives or commands from the Mayor to agencies in the executive branch. These orders generally concern the implementation or enforcement of rules, policies and procedures which have the force of law.

Executive Order Mayor Description Date Signed Download
1989-5 Richard M. Daley Sale of Non-Leaded Gasoline Only in Chicago Download(340.96 KB)
1989-12 Richard M. Daley Establish Equal Access Council Download(367.39 KB)
1989-1 Richard M. Daley Employer Education Program Concerning HIV/AIDS Download(203.41 KB)
1988-3 Eugene Sawyer Establishing an Equal Access Council Download(85.61 KB)
1988-2 Eugene Sawyer Establishing School Reform Authority (165.47 KB)
1988-1 Eugene Sawyer Declaration of Official Mourning Period for Former Governor Richard Ogilvie Download(39.45 KB)
1987-8 Eugene Sawyer Ratification and adoption of all Executive Orders promulgated by Harold Washington Download(37.08 KB)
1987-7 Eugene Sawyer Ratification of Signature of Harold Washington Upon All Checks, Warrants, and Vouchers Issued by the City of Chicago and Dated Through and Including 12/11/1987 Download(24.98 KB)
1987-1 David Duvall Orr Declaration of Official Mourning for Late Mayor Harold Washington Download(723.3 KB)
1987-4 David Duvall Orr Ratification of signature of Harold Washington upon all checks, warrants and vouchers issued by the City of Chicago and dated through and including 12/11/1987 Download(107.72 KB)
1987-5 David Duvall Orr Ratification and Adoption of All Executive Orders Promulgated by Harold Washington Download(424.4 KB)
1987-3 Harold Washington Extends Mayor's Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs Download(361.34 KB)
1987-2 Harold Washington Establish Advisory Council on Chicago Housing Authority Download(121.54 KB)
1986-1d Harold Washington Amendment of Executive Order 86-1 Download(46.19 KB)
1987-1 Harold Washington Expands "First Source" program and Establishes "Chicago First" Program Download(492.24 KB)
1986-3 Harold Washington Voter Registration by City Employees During Work Hours Download(1.83 MB)
1986-1c Harold Washington Amendment of Executive Order 86-1 Download(50.65 KB)
1986-2 Harold Washington Employee Assistance Program Download(1.71 MB)
1986-1b Harold Washington Amendment of Executive Order 86-1 Download(1.58 MB)
1986-1a Harold Washington Amendment of Executive Order 86-1 Download(298.03 KB)
1986-1 Harold Washington Governmental Ethics Download(2.32 MB)
1985-5 Harold Washington Adoption of Affirmative Action Plan, 1985-1995 Download(2.18 MB)
1985-4 Harold Washington Establish Mayor's Advisory Committee on Latino Affairs Download(136.77 KB)
1985-3 Harold Washington Parking Management Oversight Commission Download(153.49 KB)
1985-2 Harold Washington Award of City Contracts to Minority Businesses Download(435.53 KB)