Executive Orders

Executive orders are official directives or commands from the Mayor to agencies in the executive branch. These orders generally concern the implementation or enforcement of rules, policies and procedures which have the force of law.

Published Date Document Mayor Download
Executive Order 84-2 (Mayor's Advisory Commission on Asian-American Affairs) Harold Washington Download(43.38 KB)
Executive Order 84-1a (Amendment of Executive Order 84-1) Harold Washington Download(28.47 KB)
Executive Order 84-1 (Mayor's Advisory Commission on Women's Affairs) Harold Washington Download(51.63 KB)
Executive Order 83-5 (Excuse from Duty With Pay for Employees Observing Hindu Holiday of Diwali) Harold Washington Download(35.23 KB)
Executive Order 83-3 (Mayor's Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs) Harold Washington Download(44.6 KB)
Executive Order 83-4 (Contents and Procedures for Preliminary Budget Report) Harold Washington Download(120.46 KB)
Executive Order 83-2 (Excuse From Duty With Pay for Employees Observing Jewish Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) Harold Washington Download(28.34 KB)
Executive Order 83-1 (Public Access to City Records) Harold Washington Download(221.15 KB)