Council Meeting Reports

The Office of the City Clerk produces the following reports for each City Council Meeting:

  • Referred Legislation Reports – summary report of legislation introduced and referred to committee.
  • Attendance and Divided Roll Call Reports – summary report of Aldermanic attendance and split or divided vote tallies.
  • Monthly Committee Reports/Minutes – summary report of monthly committee proceedings and actions pursuant to City Council Rule 45

For your convenience, we have published these reports to the document library in the table below.  Please note in the table below adjacent to each report title, there is a corresponding download link.

Meeting Date Document Download
Monthly Committee Report/Minutes - Transportation and Public Way Download(295.13 KB)
Mayoral Introductions EDS Download(63.31 KB)
Monthly Committee Report/Minutes - Special Events, Cultural Affairs & Recreation Download(439.49 KB)
Monthly Committee Report/Minutes - Ethics and Government Oversight Download(173.72 KB)
Aldermanic Introductions EDS Download(63.4 KB)
Miscellaneous Introductions Download(63.36 KB)
Monthly Committee Report/Minutes - Economic, Capital and Technology Development Download(340.71 KB)
Monthly Committee Report/Minutes - Immigrant & Refugee Rights Download(323.44 KB)
Miscellaneous Introductions EDS Download(63.37 KB)
City Council Meeting - Attendance and Divided Roll Call Vote Download(97.09 KB)
Monthly Committee Report/Minutes - Finance Download(239.36 KB)
Aldermanic Introductions Traffic Regulations Download(28.63 KB)
Monthly Committee Report/Minutes - License and Consumer Protection Download(149.44 KB)
Monthly Committee Report/Minutes - Housing and Real Estate Download(281.24 KB)
Aldermanic Introductions Zoning Amendments Download(63.29 KB)
Mayoral Introductions Download(63.18 KB)
Monthly Committee Report/Minutes -Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards Download(253.41 KB)
Monthly Committee Report/Minutes - Education & Child Development Download(525.16 KB)
Monthly Report/Minutes - Budget & Government Operations Download(261 KB)
Aldermanic Introductions Unclassified Matters Download(98.25 KB)
Monthly Committee Report/Minutes – Workforce Development Download(265.43 KB)
Aldermanic Introductions Traffic Regulations Download(98.89 KB)
Aldermanic Introductions Zoning Amendments Download(23.83 KB)
Mayoral Introductions Download(37.56 KB)
Aldermanic Introductions Unclassified Matters Download(23.83 KB)