Executive Orders

Executive orders are official directives or commands from the Mayor to agencies in the executive branch. These orders generally concern the implementation or enforcement of rules, policies and procedures which have the force of law.

Published Date Document Mayor Download
Executive Order 97-1 (Mayor Daley) Rahm Emanuel Download(352.45 KB)
Executive Order 97-1 (Ethics for Public Officials) Richard M. Daley Download(210.44 KB)
Executive Order 97-2 (Establishing TIF: Tax Incremental Financing Districts) Richard M. Daley Download(299.78 KB)
Executive Order 89-2 (Preliminary Budget Estimate Report) Richard M. Daley Download(139.48 KB)
Executive Order 94-2 (Chicago Citizenship Assistance Council) Richard M. Daley Download(69.79 KB)
Executive Order 94-1 (Sexual Harassment Policies) Richard M. Daley Download(70.72 KB)
Executive Order 93-1 (Police Testing, Hiring and Promotion Practices) Richard M. Daley Download(60.7 KB)
Executive Order 92-1 (Submission Date of 1993 Executive Budget and Estimated Revenue Analysis) Richard M. Daley Download(44.89 KB)
Executive Order 91-1 (Centralized Grant Application System) Richard M. Daley Download(102.04 KB)
Executive Order 90-2 (Chicago Capital Improvement Program) Richard M. Daley Download(129.35 KB)
Executive Order 90-1 (Establish Chicago Sister Cities International Program) Richard M. Daley Download(171.85 KB)
Executive Order 89-5 (Sale of Non-Leaded Gas Only in Chicago) Richard M. Daley Download(204.64 KB)
Executive Order 89-12 (Establish Equal Access Council) Richard M. Daley Download(300.5 KB)
Executive Order 89-6 (Equal Access to Municipal Benefits) Richard M. Daley Download(313.36 KB)
Executive Order 89-13 (AIDS: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) Richard M. Daley Download(561.58 KB)
Executive Order 89-7 (City Purchasing Contracts to Minorities and Women) Richard M. Daley Download(1.14 MB)
Executive Order 89-2 (Preliminary Budget Estimate Report) Richard M. Daley Download(790.12 KB)
Executive Order 89-1 (Access to Public Records) Richard M. Daley Download(1.37 MB)
Executive Order 89-8 Richard M. Daley Download(228.51 KB)
Executive Order 89-3 (Chicago Tourism Council) Richard M. Daley Download(220.88 KB)
Executive Order 89-10 (Voter Registration) Richard M. Daley Download(437.64 KB)
Executive Order 89-9 (Employee Assistance Program Advisory Committee) Richard M. Daley Download(407.88 KB)
Executive Order 89-4 (Employee Benefits) Richard M. Daley Download(1.05 MB)
Executive Order 89-11 (Establish School Reform Authority) Richard M. Daley Download(421.76 KB)
Executive Order 89-1 (Employer Education Program Concerning HIV/AIDS) Richard M. Daley Download(203.41 KB)